Benefits of Polyester Strapping

Benefits of Polyester Strapping

Modern engineering capabilities of today, combined with abundance of raw materials, offer several different product options. With a variety of choices available for consumers, their buying process has become complicated and more research is required to select the right product that meets their needs.

Whether buying products for home, purchasing a car or selecting packaging materials for business, there are certain things that act as benchmarks and we measure other products against them. This mostly leads to various products being seen as ineffective or of lesser quality.

For a long time, people have had a belief that polyester strapping comes nowhere near to its steel counterpart for securing heavy packages. However, this is not the case anymore. The materials through which polyester strapping is made these days are highly advanced. These new materials offer many unique benefits that make polyester strapping a great choice in the market place. Some of the benefits of polyester strapping are highlighted below:

1.Environment Impact is Reduced

Polyester strapping’s impact on environment is lower than that of steel. Manufacturers extrude polyester from resin raw materials while the manufacturing of steel strapping involves a high energy consuming forging process. Polyester strapping thus helps in generating greater energy savings and reduces the impact on the environment.

Overall weight of the load is also reduced because polyester strapping is light. This creates space and fuel savings for moving goods from one point to another. Polyester strapping can be recycled and also reduces costs of disposal. These reductions in costs improve the overall profits of the company and reduce their environmental footprint. Polyester strapping can be recycled again and again to make new straps.

2.High Performance and Increased Durability

Manufactures develop polyester strapping to have similar properties as found in steel while offering more performance benefits. The characteristics of the polyester strapping like elongation and retention helps straps to stay tight when heavy loads contract and expand. Due to these characteristics of polyester strapping, they are able to absorb the impact without losing their hold on the load or breaking.

Polyester strapping is an ideal choice for lumber loads because it can stretch and still maintain its original strength. It is also great for loads which shrink after cooling and then settle. Polyester strapping is resistant to ultraviolet degradation and elements which is why the straps don’t weaken when the materials are stored in outdoor locations. When wet, steel rusts and stains the products; polyester strapping is not affected by elements so it never stains the products.

3.More Safety

Handling polyester strapping is much safer than dealing with steel strapping. When rolls of the same length are compared, polyester strapping is much lighter. There are no sharp edges on polyester strapping that are commonly there on steel strapping so operator safety is enhanced. The dull edges of polyester strapping are easier on forklift tires as well, thus reducing damage. Operators handling steel straps must wear protective gloves to reduce risk of injuries while such safety precautions are not necessary with polyester strapping.

4. Cost Savings

Because of its unique capabilities, polyester has become an ideal strapping material for use in securing different types of unitized and palletized loads. Using polyester strapping instead of steel strapping can provide cost savings of about 25 percent.

Are you impressed by the remarkable benefits of polyester strapping? We are sure all your false beliefs about polyester strapping being lesser than steel strapping are now history. If you are searching for polyester strapping, there’s nowhere else to go but the Shippers Europe. Check out our high-quality polyester strapping and contact us today to place your order!