Have Registration Check for Used Vehicle Before Purchase

Have Registration Check for Used Vehicle Before Purchase

If you are thinking of buying a used car, either from a private seller or a dealer, it is essential to check its legal status. Each year in the United Kingdom, thousands of cars are sold that bear private history which costs a lot of money to the new owner, stress and also loss of their new car. It is essential to perform a registration check of the car.

Points to check when registering your car

When anyone is looking for a used car, there is the facility to find out the lot of information regarding the vehicle on the internet. You just have to plan right questionnaire for checking the legal information regarding the vehicle and its previous history. Just checking the workability of a car is not enough, you can be fooled while buying the used car without rego check. Almost one in seven cars, which are registration checked possess different VIN number or vehicle identification number. It is not good to take a risk of buying one of the half million cars which are insurance write-offs each year in the UK.

It is hard to accept that cars are bought and sold without any information by the buyer and a few times when a car is stolen or bear outstanding finance; it becomes very troublesome for the new buyer. Performing a registration check will prevent a new buyer from a sort of complications and he or she doesn’t have to lose precious money, as stolen cars will be legally returned to its real owner.

Difference between Car history and registration check

There is little difference between car history and registration check. Registration check offers lot more information than car history. Most of the things are common among registration check and car history of a vehicle. You can also confirm regarding insurance of used car. In case of lack of any insurance, you will get any insurance cover in case of an accident, injury or death. Thus, it is beneficial to get registration check of used vehicle beforehand.

Why take stress or doubtful situation?

It is better to perform registration check prior buying any used vehicle. Performing registration check is quite easy. One just has to enter VIN number on the website and get the registration number. It is also essential to check CTP (Compulsory third party) insurance or expiry date of insurance.

In absence of registration, a buyer of the vehicle may also have to pay penalties like fine, demerit points or even cancellation of license. To prevent such daunting situation, it is better to have registration check beforehand.