How To Enjoy The Perfect Golden Indonesian Bali Honeymoon Escapade

How To Enjoy The Perfect Golden Indonesian Bali Honeymoon Escapade

For your honeymoon, nothing but the best should do. That is precisely what the Golden package of the Indonesian Bali Island honeymoon is offering you. You will soak up sunshine on white sandy beaches, swimming will be in crystal blue waters, experience Balinese culture, and feast on excellent local and international cuisine.

Five Star Accommodation

Your accommodation shall be at the five star Nusa Dua Royal Beach Hotel, The Gili Air Lagoon access cottage, Ubud Culturally oriented Luxury Resort, and the iconic Seminyak Private Boutique Villa.

The Gems of Bali

This golden honeymoon package is an opportunity for you and your loved one to go on privately guided tours among the best gems Bali Islands has to offer. These include Uluwatu Temple and amazing cliff top sceneries to enjoy from there. There is wildlife viewing at the Monkey Forest too.

There will be UNESCO World Heritage spots to visit, strolls to make among picturesque rice paddies, opportunities to pick fresh strawberries straight from a plantation, and moments of enchantment at the hands of Kecak Traditional Performers.

With a crystal clear azure blue and turquoise Ocean, the Gill Islands present you with every aspect of tropical paradise. Other than horse cards and traditional roosters, there is no noise and traffic to distract you.

Another paradise rests beneath the ocean surface, made of colorful and rich marine life. Day five will feature private three-hour snorkeling tours that take you below the surface all around the three Gili islands. Your snookering set is your key to this world of exotic fish and sea turtles. This means you are in for an amazing treat that starts immediately after breakfast.

You will also have moments of inner peace as you practice the Sun Salutation form of yoga in tranquil and picturesque settings.

Elements of the Itinerary

The golden package is fourteen days and thirteen nights of unforgettable romance, new experiences and adventures. The setting shall be Bali and her neighboring islands. Your honeymoon starts with three nights at the Balinese Palace themed Luxury Nusa Dua Resort.

Soaking up Balinese culture and heart-warming hospitality proceeds to Gili Air, a remote tropical island. You will stay in a cottage that will give you direct access to a splendid blue lagoon swimming pool.

Fully rested and filled with sunshine, you will revert to mainland Bali and the Ubud with its lush green rainforest. This is the cultural heart of Bali and this leg is an opportunity to explore the island’s exotic diversity.

On the tail end of your honeymoon, Seminyak will be your location. This is the most trendy and fashionable of the Balinese towns. You will reside at a private villa on the boutique resort. This gem features that eclectic blend of contemporary style and authentic Balinese culture.


In the hands of the wonderful members of staff at The Seven Holidays, your honeymoon will consist of visiting the outstanding sides of Bali, a mystical little island and its equally mystical neighboring islands in Indonesia.

Part of the attractions, other than an opportunity to honeymoon with your loved one, include famous landmarks, top notch accommodation and cuisine, and tickets to the high-energy Devdan Visual Theater Show.