How to Properly Tour Edinburgh

How to Properly Tour Edinburgh

Make the most out of your time in the capital city of Scotland. Not only must you visit the most famous tourist landmarks and attractions, but you must make the time to discover the secrets and hidden gems of the beautiful city. These are places that are lesser known and are usually not in the guide books but are absolutely worth the trip. This way, you get the full experience of the city.

Discover the wonders of Edinburgh through this carefully drafted list:  

Iconic Spots

  1. Edinburgh Castle. Peek into the lives of royals in Edinburgh castle, a world-famous icon and most visited tourist attraction of Scotland. Find delight in old relics of previous monarchs and stand in awe of its great architecture.
  2. Real Mary King’s Close. Test your courage in Real Mary King’s Close as you delve into the secrets and history of Edinburgh. This place has been central to many myths and urban legends. Tales of hauntings and murder stories have been said to have taken place here.
  3. Royal Mile. The Royal Mile is the most famous and most frequented street in Edinburgh. It is both a cultural and historical site all rolled into one. It also houses a lot of shops, restos, cafes, bistros and pubs so there is a lot of things you can do around here.
  4. Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is the main peak of the group of hills in Edinburgh that allows you to have a view that overlooks the capital city. Catch a break on top of the hill and have a picnic. Early morning is the perfect time to hike up the hills so that you can get a glimpse of the sunrise.

Hidden Gems

  1. Dean Village. Dean Village is an underrated tourist spot that is a must see when you’re in Edinburgh. It is quiet here because it is relatively far from the busy streets of Edinburgh. It’s a surrealistic experience when you walk down this carefully guarded secret village.
  2. Stockbridge. Find a charming village in Stockbridge. It is full of boutique shops, cafes and restos where you can eat, sit, and relax. Here, you can also find a food market where you can buy street food or locally produced goods.
  3. Union Canal. Glide through the waters of the Union Canal and enjoy the lovely view and the quiet. You can opt to walk along the canal’s edge and uncover new things about the great city of Edinburgh. You can find some semblance of peace in this lovely spot.
  4. Gilmerton Cove. Gilmerton Cove is a series of underground caves near the city centre. Unveil the secrets of these hand-carved caves and learn of their historical significance. You can find a chapel in these underground caves.

Visiting all these places will surely make your trip to Scotland enjoyable and worthwhile. So, when you make your itinerary, add in these spots. I assure you, you won’t regret it.