Material Matters: Choosing the Right Car Cover Materials for Your Car

Material Matters: Choosing the Right Car Cover Materials for Your Car

While universal ready-fit covers may offer a quick and easy solution for car protection, no two car covers are the same. Depending on your usage and storage conditions, different types of covers may provide greater benefits than others when it comes to effectively protecting your car.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Vehicles in indoor storage face accumulation of dust, grime, and grit, not to mention damage from heat or trapped moisture. Snug-fit covers such as the California Customweave cover and the Plushweave cotton flannel cover provide excellent protection while allowing for a breathable fit. However, these covers are not ideal for soft-top vehicles, which better benefit from Softweave or the ultrasonically bonded 4-layer Dustop covers.

Outdoor vehicles need protection from the elements, as well as protection from dings, dents, and scrapes. This is particularly true of cars parked in public lots where motorists or pedestrians may impact the vehicle. One example is the Superweave UV-resistant cover, with a special finish that protects paint jobs, prevents sun damage, and reflects rainwater. The Superweave Premium takes it to the next level with extended durability and tear-proof technology, ensuring nothing gets through the cover to damage your car.

Long-Term vs. Short-Term

When it comes to long-term outdoor storage, most cars need a special cover capable of covering all the bases for protection. The Sunbrella cover, made using Multiweave II fabric and a 3-layer non-woven construction process, offers the highest level of protection against sun, rain, wind, acid wind, industrial pollutants, bird droppings, tree sap, and anything else nature can throw at it. Barring natural disasters, Sunbrella protects against fading over time from sun and weather.

When deciding the best outdoor car cover material, it’s ideal to take your environment into effect. For an assortment of weaves, materials, and constructions for tailored car covers, try California Car Covers’ extensive catalogue of durable car cover materials crafted with your vehicle in mind.