Mumbai, for An All-around Experience

Mumbai, for An All-around Experience

The land of Mumbai is very magical and is another dimension in itself that needs to be explored. The city is thriving with its enthusiasm. The city of dreams has its own charm that people often can’t resist falling in love with. Compared to the other cities, the weather in Mumbai is not liked so much. But, nevertheless, the place has never failed to keep someone entertained and amused.

Home to one of the biggest film industry, the city is always star struck and star-studded. The city also hosts some of the old architecture which is today a heritage of their past and of the time that British India was ruling over India. These buildings are a sight to watch and are a delight to everyone who likes good architecture.

Mumbai is also the city of eateries and one need to try the different variety of foods here. Also, the city has also been notoriously famous for all the shopping options that it provides.

Mumbai in itself is like a sea full of things that people need to experience firsthand. However, in only 67.8kms away a whole new world awaits, Imagica Theme Park. You can get the car on rent in Mumbai and then travel to this place hassle free.


Initially opened as a place wherein, the whole family or the whole gang can come together and enjoy, this is an ideal weekend gateway place for people from Mumbai. This international standard Theme consists of an amazing theme park which is ideally called Imagica. It also has a water park, which is known as Aqua Imagica and also consists of a 287 room hotel.

The theme park has random cartoon characters which will surely warm your heart. The theme park is famous for some of the notorious rides that it offers and if you are one of the daredevils that you should immediately hire a Mumbai car rental and reach to this place.

If the rides in the theme park are too much for you, you can always visit Aqua Imagica and enjoy the wonderful water rides there. Most people take Aqua Imagica as a more preferred destination towards the weekend as they have live Dj party happening there every weekend.

Apart from the water park and the theme park, one also needs to visit the Snow Park. This Snow Park is the largest snow park that is present in India and is one of the most visited ones as well. It has been built in 30,000 so. feet. The most amazing park about the park is the snow that it uses, this snow park is said to be using 100%original snow. The snow park is also very famous for its subzero temperature and for a 50 feet tall snow dome. One can let their inner child out and slide, throw snowballs and enjoy the park in that manner. One can enjoy this park by simply hiring a Mumbai to Imagica cabs and reaching to this place in ease.

Apart, from the snow park, the park also has 287 hotel rooms. Novatel Imagica is situated right adjacent to the park it is a fully equipped hotel wherein it has well thought of all the different people that are present in the family.

Imagica put together in a sentence is an experience that one needs to take in their lifetime. It has thousands of reasons to smile, let your inner child out and experiences the thrill of the rides.