Places Near Siliguri You Must Visit

Places Near Siliguri You Must Visit

Routines, although good, do take their tolls on us in one way or the other. Sometimes the only thing to do when you reach that point in life when everything becomes so monotonous and stagnant is stop, and take a trip to someplace you’ve never been before. This list deals with the very special land of Siliguri. An awesome and picturesque place, this place has amazing places to check and explore to keep your eyes busy and your soul full. Now with the availability of renting bikes from Siliguri online, this trip becomes easier and more fun for you and your travelling companions. So let’s get right to it!

SevokeKali Mandir

A shrine to Kali, a Hindu Goddess, this temple is about 24 clicks away from the city center of Siliguri. The setting of this temple is really wonderful and makes visiting the place even more wonderful. Often crowded by disciples during festivals like Navaratri and Durga Puja.

Chilapata Forest

Close to the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Chilapata Forest is a beautifully ambient place to chill and spend a few days at. The forest being host to a number of awesome and some dangerous wild animals makes this place even thrilling. They also keep houses in the forest where travellers can rent and spend holidays at. The 2000 year old fortress of NalrajaGarh is also situated inside the forest and is definitely worth a check. The fortress dates back to the Gupta period. Try checking out the TorshaRiver that also flows through Chilapata Forest.


A magnificently sculpted and well-kept temple made for Lord Shiva, the ISKCON temple of Siliguri has large numbers of pilgrims paying their respects almost every day. Religious or not, this is a great place to check out and pay a visit if you are in Siliguri. The ISKCON temple also provides a great environment for meditation for people looking for that kind of thing. All in all a great and relaxing place that is definitely worth a visit.

Hong Kong Market

Found on Hill Cart road in the Hakim Para area of Siliguri, the Hong Kong Market of Siliguri, as the name suggests, deals exclusively in Chinese goods and China based brands. This place is for those shoppers that don’t care about the name of the brand but the price, and the price tags for almost anything you find in this market is super-cheap! Also housing hidden restaurants in between some areas of the Hong Kong market, the market does get crowded, the best way to get there without much effort you can also rent a hire motorcycle from Bagdogra as this place sure is one worth checking out.