Reasons You Wont Miss India In London

Reasons You Wont Miss India In London

Are you an Indian? Are you planning to visit London sometime soon? Do you want to prepare yourself to visit this city? Is your heart breaking because you think you are going to face a lot of trouble in London and miss your city or country?

If your answer to any of the questions mentioned above is yes, let me assure you that you are not going to miss your country at all. In fact, you would be so glad you are here in London because it is going to make you feel like you are in your country itself.

Why wouldn’t you miss India?

  • Because there are Indians everywhere in London: A lot of people say that London is more like India because no matter where you go, you see Indians, particularly Punjabis, everywhere. That’s what makes it more “home-like” for you.

  • Because there are special Indian restaurants here: You don’t miss Indian food when you are in London city because there are many restaurants with the same, or even better, taste of all the dishes you have always loved in your country.
  • Because you are bound to get into a conversation with Indians there: If you miss your language in London, you shouldn’t. You can talk to any Indian you want in this city. They also like interacting with someone who has freshly come from their country.

  • Because you have Southall there, which is the most wonderful Indian community in London: Southall is the Indian area in London; you can find an apartment for yourself here so that you stay in the midst of Indians. You feel great when you meet people from your country here. This area is totally dedicated to Indians.
  • Because you get the same love in London that you do in India: What is that one thing you are going to miss the most about your country? The love? Trust me – you are not going to miss that when you are in London, because people release the same “love energy” here.

  • Because you can always get the best Chicken Tikka Masala here: You are going to ADORE the Chicken Tikka Masala recipe in this city.

So why do you want to stay away from being in London? Now that you know you are not going to face any difficulty here, go ahead and pack your bag to go to London RIGHT NOW! Click here to know more.