Take A Driving Tour Around Wellington

Take A Driving Tour Around Wellington

Wellington is the vibrant capital of New Zealand, and anyone visiting should have it at the top of their list.

Driving through Wellington’s streets and the surrounding area is easy. Climb into the touring car and take a memorable trip.

Drive To The Harbour Side Market

The Harbour Side Market is a bustling treat just waiting for tourists to discover. Drive the car nearby and then walk around looking at the various products that are on offer. Harbour Side Market is not to be missed because it is so vibrant.

Drive To The Wellington Hiking Trails

Lush countryside surrounds this city, so arrange cheap car rental in Wellington and grab some hiking boots to explore. Once the hike has finished everyone can climb back into the car and return to the hotel for some sleep. Anyone who loves exploring the great outdoors should definitely take a drive around Wellington.

Driving Further Afield Than Wellington

After exploring Wellington in detail, plan routes to different places. New Zealand is a very diverse country with lots to see and do. Drive all over the North and South islands to see everything.

Take A Trip To Masterton

Drive to Masterton by selecting RV rentals and enjoy the scenic journey. Explore the town, which is famous for being a centre of sheep-shearing. Once Masterton has been explored, get back in the car and go somewhere else.

Drive All The Way To Auckland

Believe it or not, it is possible to drive from Wellington in the south to Auckland in the north without much difficulty. The journey itself takes around eight hours, but this is far from arduous. Take the time to explore several places on the way.

Avoid flying to Auckland and think about driving an RV for rent because the journey is much more rewarding. Make sure that the car has a full tank of petrol before the journey starts. Mark off different places on the map.

How To Make Sure That Everyone Is Comfortable

  • Choose a car that has great heating so that passengers keep warm during the winter.
  • Select a car with strong air-conditioning, so that passengers keep cool during the summer months.
  • Check that the car has passenger seats which can recline when people want to take some rest.
  • The tallest person in the group should test the legroom in the back of the car. Legroom is the first thing that should be checked.
  • Ask the rental company about whether they can supply cushioned neck rests for people who need to sleep comfortably during journeys.

Exploring Wellington And The Surrounding Areas

Anyone who drives around Wellington will fall in love with it for the rest of their lives. This place has lots of natural beauty, as does the rest of New Zealand. Everyone back home will want to see photos of Wellington, so put them up on social media.

Use the hire car to drive to other places such as Auckland and Masterton.