Top 5 Symptoms of Bad Brake Pad

Top 5 Symptoms of Bad Brake Pad

#1: Having a Squeaky Brake

That squealing sound you hear whenever you step on your brake pedal could mean that your brake pads are bad. When the brake pads have been worn out with age, they tend to build up so much dust within them. The brake pads begin to squeal as you use the brake and this is as a result of the continuous accumulation of dust in the brake pad. It is not only the squealing sounds from the brake but the brake pads will be very worn out that the brake sensor will touch the disc brake rotor. If at this time the brake pads are not replaced, they will continue to get worn out until the backing plate of the brake pad is now connecting with the rotor and thus creates a scrappy noise when you use the brake pedal.

#2: When the Brake Warning Light Comes On

One of the simplest symptoms to recognize when you have faulty brake pads is the illumination of the brake warning light on the dashboard. Although this light on the dashboard doesn’t always mean the brake pads are faulty, it informs you that something may be wrong with the braking system. However, this should be good enough reason, in any case, to take your vehicle to the auto body shop and confirm from them if you would need new brake pads.

#3: Having a Spongy Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal feels hard or soft like a sponge whenever you step on it, then its very likely that you may have worn out the brake pads. The brakes can still be applied but you may, however, need to put in a lot of pressure on the brake pedal than you usually do. It is also likely that you may forget this in the event and you would need to apply the brakes suddenly. Therefore, it is very important that you get the brake pads replaced as soon as you notice this spongy feeling on it.

#4: When the Brakes Become Slower

If your brake pads are extremely worn out, they will not be able to have good friction with the rotors so as to slow down the vehicle quickly. This means that the actual brake response will be so slow every time you step on the brake pedal and this could lead to a serious accident while trying to brake quickly but you are made to wait for the braking system to come up because of the faulty brake pads.

#5: Experiencing Vibrations

Whenever you feel a vibration or a pulsating feeling when you place your foot on the brake pedals, it can either be caused by bad brake pads or bad brake rotors and this is because the vibration usually happens when the pad makes contact with the rotor. If you have either of them worn out or damaged, it will bring about this feeling that occurs on the pedal.

When all these symptoms begin to show up, it means it’s time for you to get your brake pads changed. A good place to look for quality brake pad online is