Top Four Reasons To Rent And Not Buy A Car

Top Four Reasons To Rent And Not Buy A Car

Whether you are travelling for business or just going to London for a day out, it is always best to hire a car as it keeps you in the driving seat regarding reliability and safety.  Car rental has never been more popular and more and more people are choosing to rent instead of buying. Renting a car offers massive flexibility and the car can be dropped off and picked up from your home. That’s what you call real service. However, what are the advantages of renting a car in London? Lets have a look at the top four reasons why hiring is best for you and your family.

No Breakdown Worries.

  1. You don’t have to worry about breakdowns because all the cars owned by rental companies are regularly serviced by professional and competent mechanics. Even in the unlikely event that you do break down, then the rental company will provide details on who to call and a mechanic will be with you in no time, at no cost to you. If in the equally unlikely event that the car can’t be mended, then a replacement car is issued at no extra cost and you can’t really get fairer than that.

For Special Occasions.

  1. Maybe you need a specific car for a very special occasion. It could be a birthday of your loved one and you want to take the family all around the area for the day visiting the many tourist attractions. The best choice would be a people carrier hire in London, as this will allow all of your family to come on the day out. You rent the people carrier which means you don’t have the expense and long term payments that come from owning one.

First Impressions Last.

  1. Making sure that you give the best first impression is essential in our business and personal lives. Arriving at a meeting or a very important date in the best luxury car available for rent makes sure that they remember you and that first image will stay with them. People do judge us by the car that we drive and if you pull up in a Mercedes V Class, a top end BMW or a Range Rover, you can be sure that you have created the best first impression that you can.

Wear And Tear.

  1. Renting a car means that you are not putting all those additional miles onto your car and renting a vehicle may save you money regarding fuel consumption. The cars you rent are regularly looked after and many are almost brand new. These cars will be much easier on fuel, which means that you don’t have to stop at the pumps as often as you would in your own car. Using less petrol means more money for you to spend on the many tourist attractions of the London area. That bit of extra cash can buy you a ticket to London Zoo.

London is becoming increasingly congested  and renting a car can be seen as a more environmental way to get around the city. More people are now hiring cars which means they no longer have the responsibility of taking care of it. Owning a car is expensive with insurance and road tax and the annual depreciation of your vehicle. Renting a car makes much more economical sense.

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